Musical tuition for contemporary small ensembles has been offered through the MEP’s Rockband program since 2011. In 2017 we had 21 bands being tutored through the program, with some graduates – Haze Trio, The Citizens, Gone Electric – now enjoying significant success in the wider world in competitions such as Youth Rock and WAYS Battle of the Bands.

Students in Rockband work with four other students in a  pop/rock band lineup – usually drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, vocals, etc. Each band rehearses intensively under the guidance of a tutor for one period on Thursdays or Fridays, leaving class to do so (with the timetable of rehearsals rotating to minimise missing multiple periods of the same subject). The bands usually start by learning contemporary rock/pop songs they like, but there is a strong focus on encouraging and assisting students to create their own material, and it’s not long before they’re playing songs they’ve written themselves. Guitarists and bassists need to use their own instruments but keyboards, drums (not drumsticks), amps, mics etc are available at the school.

Students can either nominate other students they want to play with, or be allocated a group to be part of by the Rockband director. They need to have some familiarity with their instrument and regular private tuition is essential.

Performance opportunities include MEP concerts, BayFest, school functions, community events, WAYS concerts, band competitions and our annual Rose Bay Rocks gala.

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