Very Creative Kids

Thanks to the hard work of others, I’m delighted to inform you that the Music Ensemble Program is now registered as a NSW Creative Kids provider.

If you haven’t obtained and/or used a Creative Kids voucher yet, you can use your entitlement for this year’s MEP fees.

You simply obtain a Creative Kids voucher worth $100 using your Service NSW online account and then email the Creative Kids Voucher Number along with the following information

  1. Student’s name exactly as it appears on the Creative Kids voucher
  2. Student’s Date of Birth
  3. Voucher number

Can you also let us know in the email you send to if the voucher is intended for

  1. 2019 Band Tour or
  2. 2019 Fees or
  3. 2019 carry over to 2020

This is particularly good timing for those students going on the Senior Band Tour.

Just remember the email is:

Many thanks to MEP treasurer Andrew Grogan and to RBSC Sport Committee chair Peter McCue for all the effort they put into making this happen, and a special thank you to P&C executives especially Kara Mikler, Cath Tooher and Jason Kwong for their incredible support and perseverance. We parents salute you!

About annaconvenor

Anna McFarlane is a parent at Rose Bay Secondary College and the Chair of Rose Bay Secondary College Music Ensemble Program Subcommittee.
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