Rose Bay Rocks

The Music Ensemble Program finished the year in style on Wednesday night with Rose Bay Rocks! Our fourteen rock bands took to the stage to play two or three songs each, with a mixture of amazing self-penned tunes, and original takes on classic tunes.

Congratulations to all our musicians and singers for providing such a great night of entertainment. Thanks too to all the adults who made it possible, including our tutors, all the parents who wrangled the bands and made and served the food, and our technicians who worked the sound and the lights.

We can’t wait to do it all next year, when the influx of new Year 7 bands should take the numbers of students involved in MEP to record numbers. Have a great break, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

As I say to my kids… Only time travel can truly be described as awesome, but the Music Ensemble Program and Rose Bay Rocks comes pretty close.

(By parent convenor Clive Hopkins – apologies for late posting)


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