Little Shop of Horrors – Director Feedback

Wow! Last night was the final performance of the school musical and for those fortunate
to have caught it, I am sure we would all agree that it was something very special.

An incredible amount of work went its realisation and I can honestly say the production
value was as good as anything I have been involved with at this level, including several
independent schools with budgets up to five times greater than that available to Rose Bay.

While an endeavour like this involves so many people I would like to say a personal thank
you to those members of the team that have a particular connection with the MEP.

A huge thank you should go to Mr Bryant for his excellent work with the audio production.
His finesse allowed the lines and songs to be delivered with great timing and clarity as
befitting the amount of time and effort that goes into rehearsing them.

The cast were superb and it was extremely pleasing to see so many of the MEP students in
stellar roles, a real tribute to the legacy of our amazing vocal team; Dan Walker, Lily Dior,
Helen Ranger and Angie Dean.

Also, the behind the scenes roles of Stage Management and Front of House and lighting, so
crucial to any production, were expertly handled by Hugh, Luke, Imogen and Zac. You only
notice these guys when things go wrong, so I’m pleased to say they were suitably anonymous!

And finally;  the band. The MEP was able to provide funds for some extra rehearsals and this
really helped us get the band up to speed for the first rehearsal. A huge task given that this was
a professional level blow and one that full time musicians would have two weeks of rehearsal to
learn! Everyone involved in the orchestra approached the work with focus, dedication and
enthusiasm. It was a huge, huge testament to the strength of the programme that we could
provide  the majority of the players ourselves and from those chairs that required freelancers,
I can say that  the professionals were blown away by the level of musicianship amongst the
students.  To Coco,  Dan, Harry, Isabella, Liam, Sachin, Sam, and Tommy – thank you for your
amazing playing and professionalism, I am extremely proud of you… Murray Jackson

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