From our String Director Romano! 'St Jude's Performance.

The string ensemble rose to new heights at the Randwick Community Fair last Saturday, which, even as an outdoor event (sound for string instruments is never terribly good in the open) was remarkably good.  Many people commented on how good the kids sounded, how confidently they performed, and what a full and rich sound they made, (which was really encouraging given a number of key players couldn’t make it on the day).  Truly, the newer generation of younger players in the school are starting to take their place in the group, and are rapidly (as much as learning a string instrument can ever be ‘rapidl’!!) developing the technique and experience to really make a difference and hold their own.  I can hardly wait to start working with them next year, when we plan to perform “On the Edge”, (a new work I have composed especially for them, as well as four percussion players from the school percussion program……..Stay Tuned!!

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