Thanks for a great term – from Jay

Well, it is the end of my first term here at Rose Bay Secondary College as the Music Ensembles Program Director. I would like to inform you of what a thoroughly enjoyable experience this term has been. I feel I have settled in well to the position and although Luke Gilmour left some very large shoes to filll, I believe that the program is doing well and the change of Director has not hindered the direction of the program or the attitude of both students and parents.

I am thoroughly impressed and extremely proud of the work that the students have been doing and the results they have achieved in this term. We started the term off well with some fantastic performances at the NSW band festival where all the students performed with skill and maturity. The results in general reflected well the effort that the students had put in and winning the two developmental awards will allow the students to gain some fantastic tutoring from some highly regarded and respected musicians in Sydney.

We followed the NSW Band Festival with some intense and effective rehearsals, where the students showed me how they could handle change and lifted their heads high with eagerness to learn.

We have had some behavioural issues in rehearsals, however these have not hindered the general growth of the ensembles and as the weeks go on these are becoming less and less of an issue. The students should be extremely proud of themselves for accepting the change of Director so well, for continuing to work hard and for achieving results far higher than I could ever have imagined in our first term working together.

I am confident that we will only continue to grow on this path together and that the students will only feel more and more comfortable with me as their Director.

I would like to put out a big thank you to Mrs Donna Masterson our head of Creative and Performing Arts teacher, the parent committee and all the students for their fantastic support in this first term. Parents, remember there is always space for new members in the parent committee.

Lets all work hard together to continue to enrich these students with the beautiful gift of music.

yours sincerely
Jay Byrnes M.Mus
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