Semester 2 fees (over)due now

This message is for those yet to pay their semester  2 fees. These were due on August 1 and in far too many cases we’re still waiting ….

The amount owed is $200.

If you think you’ve already paid them, it may be that you’re thinking of the $200 you paid for semester 1. You may also have paid to take part in the tour to the Gold Coast, and you may  have paid another amount as a music curriculum fee to the College. The amount you are now asked to pay (urgently) is for participation in the MEP program for terms 3 and 4.

People who haven’t paid semester 2 fees have been sent an email reminder with a link to the invoice and details of who/how to pay.

Please bear in mind that the successful operation of the program depends on the families involved meeting their financial commitments to it. Also, chasing up payments is a job no-one has time or inclination for. So please, get onto it pronto!

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