Pupil free day workshop and rehearsals

Monday July 18th, we will be having our annual Term 3 Pupil Free Day Workshop and Rehearsals.   The day is for all Junior/Senior Concert Band & Stage Band members as well as the  String Ensemble and will give us a great opportunity to learn new music for the second half of the year.  It is also essential preparation for the NSW Band Festival the following weekend, July 23-24.

Once again, we will be having expert tutors coming to assist with the day.  Here is the timetable:

Senior Concert Band/Stage Band Junior Concert Band/Stage Band String Ensemble
09:00 AM Arrival/Set-up Arrival/Set-up Arrival/Set-up
09:30 AM Sectional Rehearsal Rehearsal
10:30 AM Rehearsal Sectional Rehearsal
11:30 AM Lunch – Finish Finish Rehearsal
12:30 PM Stage Band Sectional Stage Band Rehearsal Finish
01:30 PM Stage Band Rehearsal Stage Band Sectional
02:30 PM Finish Finish
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