Guitar ensemble update

At the last MEP meeting it was decided to put the guitar ensemble on hold for semester 3, as it has been struggling with low and fluctuating numbers in a way that has caused concern about both its musical and financial viability. Ensemble director Sean Windsor has been with the MEP from its inception; he’s done a great job with the group and he’ll continue to teach guitar at the school while incoming MEP director Jay Byrnes takes some time to review how we can re-invent this ensemble so it is best able to offer its members the quality of musical opportunities and outcomes we expect from the MEP. Rehearsals will carry on as normal till the end of term 2 and we look forward to a great performance from the guitar ensemble at the MEP mid-year concert on June 28. Guitarists, we hope you’ll stay with the MEP while we plan for 2012 – talk to Luke asap about what other ensemble/s you might be able to join in semester 3 2011.

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