Spread the word – we need a fantastic new Music Ensemble Program Director

Dear Members

I am sure you have all heard that Luke Gilmour is reluctantly relinquishing his role as the Music Ensemble Program DIrector at RBSC – too many other demands on his time as his career and education progresses.  Sad for us, but good luck to Luke and we thank him for his loyalty.  Together with the school and parents, Luke has built the program to its current standard and we’re all very invested in seeing it continue to flourish.  Thing is, the “Lukes” of this world are few and far between, so we are enlisting the advice of our community, and its greater musical network to spread the word  – of the opportunity to lead the Rose Bay Music Program to greater heights.

Click HERE Advertisement_Music Director to find the job description and please – send it on to any people who you believe would be interested and qualified to apply.

Thanks for your ongoing support

Celia Donovan

Parent Convenor

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