Senior Stage Band Gig this Wednesday – RBSC Open Night 6pm-7pm

Dear Senior Stage Band,

As mentioned at our first rehearsal we have a performance at the RBSC Open Night this Wednesday, February 23.  Mr Bryant (new classroom music teacher) will be conducting you for the performance as I am unable to attend.  Mr Bryant will also be joining us again during the rehearsal on Tuesday.

Open Night – Wed Feb 23
Arrival: School Hall, 6:00pm for a sound check/rehearsal with Mr Bryant
Performance: 6:30pm-7:00pm
Uniform:  MEP Uniform – Firstly you need a MEP shirt from the Uniform Shop.  Then its a pair of  black trousers, black socks and black lace up shoes.  No jeans, no leggings, no skirts, no sneakers… lets get it right before the tour.
Departure:  You may leave once all the gear has been packed away and returned to the MEP Rehearsal Space.
See you on Tuesday!
Luke Gilmour
Music Ensemble Program Director
Rose Bay Secondary College

STAGE BAND LIST – updated list

  • Kedar Danielle
  • David Jonathan
  • Lomax Stephen
  • Pointing Liam
  • Larsen Adar
  • Cherry Zac
  • Salmon Frank
  • Cruickshank Hugh
  • Close Oliver
  • Dasent Coco
  • Helmi Patch Emerson
  • Kovacs Bence
  • Lewis Robert
  • Levey Harry
  • Antoniades Tommy
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