Let's all take a bow

Last year’s best ever fundraising effort earned the MEP enough not only to ensure every bill got paid but also to make some significant purchases for the program. Selling all those sausages and everything else felt like hard work at times but here’s what the money we made is going to buy:

  • Double bass: $3,000.
  • Baritone horn: $2300
  • Vibraphone: $7000
  • Weighted keyboard with amp and road case: $2000-$3000

We’ve also put aside money for instrument maintenance and to pay for a piano accompanist in 2011.

So, how fantastic is that!

This expenditure was agreed to at the December MEP parent meeting. Don’t forget, if you want to have input into this kind of decision and other equally important matters please come along to the meetings – the first of the year is on Feb 10 at 7pm; other dates will be posted on the MEP calendar (on this page) very soon.

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