2011 – Start of Term Information – Lengthy but Highly Relevant



A big welcome to new and returning members of the Music Ensemble Program.   We are very much looking forward to a new year of great music, camaraderie and musical development.

Contents of this post

1.    Communications

2.    Information night and BBQ

3.    Tour to the Gold Coast

4.    Audition Schedule for 2011

5.    Program Costs

6.    Invoicing schedule

7.    Parent Handbook

Please take the time to read through this info carefully and take action as required


Communications is via email and the program’s website http://www.rbscmep.net

Please take a moment to check that your details are correct by clicking on the following link – you can update your own details online as needed.


Most importantly – your email needs to be current and checked often.  If you have any questions about the database please contact:admin@rbscmep.net


Please come along to the information night which will be held on Tuesday Feb 8 at 6.30pm in the school hall.  This is also an opportunity to find out about the tour to the Gold Coast at the end of May 2011, the audition process for 2011 and to meet the parents, staff and tutors involved in the running of the program.  A fundraising BBQ will be offered from 6pm as a way of getting to know other students and parents.  (A few helpers for the BBQ would also be welcome from 5pm or when you can get there.   Please let Celia know if you can help out fundraising@rbsc.net)


The tour to the Gold Coast is going ahead!

The group will be a combined concert band and choir.  A minimum of 10 vocalists and 30 instrumentalists are needed however 50 would be preferable.

Members of the percussion, strings and guitar ensembles are welcome to participate on the tour as members of the choir if they choose, and there is no requirement to audition or additional annual cost.

Those members who have already put in an expression of interest will be invoiced for a non-refundable deposit of $200 in the next 10 days in order to book discount airfares.  The balance of the tour cost must be paid in full by the end of April 2011.  The anticipated total is approximately $600 and includes accommodation, transport, most meals and visits to both Dreamworld and Whitewater World.  Please note that participation is also contingent on joining the Music Ensemble Program for 2011 and paying all associated fees by the end of Feb 2011.  See Payment Schedule below.

If you put in an expression of interest and now don’t want to go on tour, please let us know ASAP.  If you have not put in an EOI but DO want to go ( and year 7 students are very welcome) email MEP Admin Assistant Lidia ASAP – lidiadesimone@gmail.com

The EOI form may be accessed online here:rbscmep.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/EOI2010.pdf

Please come to the information night Tuesday Feb 8 at 6.30pm to find out more.


All new and returning students are required to audition each year.  Please note that this is not a pass/fail exercise but enables the Director to allocate players to the most suitable ensemble for their skill level as well as choose appropriate repertoire.

* Concert Band & Stage Band Auditions – please go here for the audition schedule for all wind, brass and keyboard players which will occur on Monday Feb 7 and Tuesday Feb 8 during school time.  https://rbscmep.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/2011auditions.pdf

Students will need to prepare a short solo of their own choice as well as a 2 Octave Chromatic Scale.  There will also be some sight-reading.  Students may leave their class as long as they notify the teacher at the beginning of the period. Luke will provide them with an out of class note after their audition.  Auditions will be in MEP Space under the hall.  Percussionists will be auditioned by Ali during their lesson next week.  Band Rehearsals will start the week of Feb 14.

* Guitar Ensemble – all existing and new guitarists need to attend a combined audition with Sean Windsor on Tuesday Feb 8 after school from 2:30-4:30pm.  Each guitarist will be required to play a short solo of their own choice as well as some sight reading which Sean will provide on the day.  Guitar Ensemble Auditions will be in a C Block Music room.

* Percussionists – all percussionists who wish to be involved in the Bands and the Percussion Ensemble will be auditioned during their lesson with Ali on Thursday (Feb 10) or Friday (Feb 11).  If you don’t have a lesson time or learn from an outside tutor, please email Ali or myself to arrange an audition time.  Please note that the Percussion Ensemble is an extension ensemble to the core choral and concert band ensembles and participation in one of the concert bands or choir is expected. Also, If you are a piano player wishing to join to play mallets please email myself or Ali directly to arrange an audition time: alfoster2@hotmail.com

* String Ensemble – No audition necessary…rehearsals will start the week of Feb 14

* Choir – No audition necessary, the first rehearsal will be Thursday February 10 in the C Block Multimedia Room, 3:30pm-4:30pm  Vocal Ensemble Auditions will be held straight after this from 4:30pm-5:30pm and will involve singing a short solo of your choice and some sight-singing prepared by the choral director Dan Walker.

Individual lessons – as mentioned in the handbook, membership of every ensemble in the MEP except for the Choir is conditional upon students having private lessons.  These may be with a school or outside tutor.

If you have any questions about the program or your name is listed for an audition and you think it should be please email me directly and/or check out the MEP website www.rbscmep.net If you have any ensemble specific questions please email the ensemble conductor directly

Bands – Luke Gilmour director@rbscmep.net

Choral – Dan Walker choir@rbscmep.net

Guitar Ensemble – seanwindsor@gmail.com

String Ensemble – Romano Crivici – romano@crivici.com

Percussion – alfoster2@hotmail.com



Fees to join the program in 2011 are $390 for the year or $200 per six-monthly semester. The same fees apply no matter how many ensembles the student joins.  This means students are paying less than $10 per week for the opportunity to play and perform music with others, and to develop their skills under the tutelage of some of Sydney’s best musicians – it’s  fantastic value for money! Also included in this fee are workshops and other development opportunities, scheduled throughout the year (usually on pupil-free days).

Music Camp and/or Music Tours are additional costs and in 2011 will range from $300 for camp to $600 (approx) for a tour to the Gold Coast.  Instrument hire is available for some instruments, these tend to be the larger and more expensive instruments. Individual tuition fees cost approximately $250 per term or $1000 per annum.


Invoices will be sent out at the start of term 1 2011.  To confirm places in the program, payment in full will need to be made by Friday February 25 (end of week 4). If paying per semester, a second invoice will be sent later in the year with payment due early in term 3.


The parent handbook is available online at https://rbscmep.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/mephandbook20111.pdf

Please take the time to look through it as it contains important information about the program and how it works. It also outlines what is expected of students in the program – most importantly, commitment, both to developing individual skills and to the ensemble the student is part of. This means that:

•  All  instrumentalists are required to have individual tuition (this may be within or outside the school) and to practise their instruments regularly.

•  Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is compulsory to ensure that the ensemble can progress as a group.

Thanks for your patience and please note the following important action points

Auditions are next week, Week 2 of school

Gold Coast Tour deposits must be paid within 10 days of invoices going out so if your child wants to go then you must commit now

Info night is Next Tuesday Feb 8 at 6.30pm and the BBQ starts at 6.00pm if you can make it.

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