Something to sing about..

Last night, Rose Bay Secondary College and the Music Ensemble Program hosted a beautiful event – a combined choir performance involving our own choir, and those of seven local primary schools.  After an afternoon of intense rehearsals, the students enjoyed a sausage sizzle and other nice treats, courtesy of the generous families of the Music Ensemble Program.

Thanks in particular to those willing students who carted drinks, unloaded cars,turned sausages and took gold coin donations on the door.  Other students gave up their evening to manage the backstage technical equipment and lighting.  A capable squad of parents also baked and worked on the night. It was intense getting some 500 people fed in the space of an hour but we did ourselves proud and many visitors commented on the school’s strong community spirit.  In financial terms, the effort raised $1800, which is already in the bank.

The highlight of the night was the finale, a combined item involving all performers – How Dan Walker got nine choirs onto the stage together, to perform as one voice, we do not know –  but it happened, and it was wonderful.  Congratulations and thanks to Dan, participants and all helpers.

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