Celebration – change of date to 12 September

We planned to get together at the Clovelly Hotel on September 5 but a lot of people were not be able to make it (plus it’s fathers’ day) so we are changing the date to Sunday 12 September, in the hope that a lot more people can make it.  Still 6pm and under 18s are welcome. There’s a good bistro for those who want to eat.

Also a reminder that the next meeting is Tuesday 14 September at 7pm (at the College) – its going to be a big one for decision-making about the direction of the programme over the next 12 months.  A major challenge facing the Music Ensemble Program  at this time, is the need for more people to become involved on the committee  to fill vacant roles including Secretary, Convenor, and many smaller positions.  Without new parents stepping up, the program will be increasingly hard to manage.  For an overview of what the roles and responsibilities of committee members please go to the committee page.

So come along – on the 12th to celebrate the result from the Bands Festival Fundraiser, and on the 14th to take part in shaping the direction of our excellent programme.

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