Another farewell

We’re very sad to be farewelling our choir accompanist Lillian Camphausen, whose family is relocating. Lillian has only been part of our MEP community since the start of 2009 but in that time she’s become so integral not just to the choir but to all MEP activities  that it’s hard to recall how we managed without her – and equally hard to imagine how we’ll do that again once she’s gone. Her contribution to the program has been so significant –  so much enthusiasm for music, so many good ideas,  and so much energy and hard work  to help put them into place – that really, sad as it is to see her go, it’s also just lucky that she’s been with us for even this relatively brief time. Right now it feels particularly lucky that the family’s moving house date fell on the last weekend of the bands festival catering extravaganza and not on the first, as Lillian has been like a force of nature in her contribution to that event – shopping, cooking, and all-round providing – thank you, Lillian! Farewell to her son Colin, too – a fine violinist who will be much missed from the string ensemble and, like his mum, also a committed worker at MEP events – it’s been a pleasure spending time with you!

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