A thank you and a welcome

The thank you is to Vicky Cameron, who has had the hard job of being the MEP’s first admin support person. There have been plenty of challenges for Vicky as the description of what the position involves takes proper shape and as the MEP settles into its new space beneath the hall – thank you Vicky for your dedicated efforts on the MEP’s behalf. Vicky has now resigned so the welcome is to Lidia who has taken the job on – read more about Lidia below.

Hi, my name is Lidia de Simone. I am excited to be starting the admin support position this term for the Music Ensemble Program here at Rose Bay Secondary College.I completed my schooling at

Vaucluse High. Unfortunately we did not have aMusic Ensemble Program within the school while I was there but I think it’s fantastic that these great opportunities exist for the students today.

The program’s success depends on the support of the parents and your dedication and hard work is evident through MEP’s consistent growth. I can only say I wish this program existed when I was at Vaucluse High School.

I am currently completing a diploma in the Music Business Industry as I’m aspiring to become a successful tour manager/band manager. I am also interested in moving into the production side of music once I have completed my current diploma. I have extensive experience in office administration and have completed a Certificate 3 in Customer Contact. Before I commenced full time study I was office manager/customer care manager for two years for a very successful and busy solar energy company.

As admin support for the RBSC MEP I will enjoy combining my music business and office administration skills. And I am really looking forward to meeting and working with all the teachers, parents and students involved in MEP. So I’ll see you around the school!

Lidia de Simone
Admin Support RBSC

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