And the catering was pretty good too …

Mountains of chicken were shredded for the chicken wraps ....

The delicious sweet and savoury treats contributed by MEP families make all the difference to our profit margin.

Two silvers, a bronze and a gold – the latter to the junior stage band, for their first ever performance in a formal competition – fantastic! And equally deserving of a gold award was the performance put in by MEP parents and students as the NSW School Bands Festival’s official caterers. The array of  wraps, rolls, pies, savouries, cakes, bsicuits and the reliably popular lolly bags was marvelled at by customers of all sizes and ages and sales netted an estimated $2500.  There are still four more days of catering to go, spread out over three weekends – to make the most of this fundraising opportunity we really need more donations of lollies, cakes, muffins, anything baked and, so that the organisers don’t fall down in a heap, more helpers. Everyone in the program benefits from this massive fundraising effort so we hope everyone will contribute to it in some way, big or small. If you can help out with donations or labour please let us know by commenting here or by emailing

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