Officially open – name still needed

The as yet-unnamed reherarsal space is now officially open. Last week’s event was a very heartfelt occasion, there being much to celebrate in the successful conversion of an unused near-decrepit subterranean junkyard into a soundproofed, ventilated rehearsal space with tutor rooms and storage, a project completed on time and almost on budget, mainly paid for by the federal government but also by the college, with help from MEP parents and students who gave time and labour to get it all started and then to get it all finished. Guests at the opening enjoyed music provided by the junior stage band and the string ensemble, egg sandwiches and brownies provided by music faculty staff and speeches from Luke Gilmour and principal Jim Linton. Of the many thank yous, two in particular deserve another airing: to Jim Linton who took on the job of project manager which is probably why it got done at all, and Donna Masterson who did and does so many extra things beyond her multiple responsibilities as CAPA head to keep the MEP working, in its new space as in the old.

Of course we still need lots of things – a door bell, posters for the walls, shelves, equipment of various kinds – but basically it looks good!  If you’re collecting a child after rehearsal, take the time to go and have a look. We also need a name: suggestions so far include Sound Underground, The Crypt, Mozart’s Musical Cupboard, the Kevin Rudd Rehearsal Space, Rose Bay Music Centre … We need more! Post your suggestions here or pass them on to Luke or Ms Masterson. There will be a prize for the winning suggestion.

Photos to come …

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