MEP goes out and about

MEP accompanist and parent Lillian Camphausen and RBSC music teacher Helen Ranger have been working to organise additional performance opportunities for MEP ensembles and individual students. The first of these performances took place the other day, at the Burger Centre, in Randwick, which runs day programs for the aged.

Helen and I went to the Burger Centre in Randwick today with nearly 20 students for a lunch-time concert. The Yr 12 jazz combo  began with two numbers, including “Autumn Leaves” which prompted a lot of humming and singing along! Then we had a few solo songs, then the vocal ensemble with three songs. The whole concert went for only 35 minutes; everyone got a chance to perform, but not all the items they had prepared. Having  worried beforehand we weren’t going to have enough programme, we easily had enough to fill another 20 minutes! The students were all given certificates by the Centre, and were asked to come back again. We were introduced to a man who turned 100 a couple of weeks ago – which quite impressed the kids!


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