Why music camp is so valuable and (harder to believe) so are MEP meetings

It’s amazing what happens at music camp. Students’ individual musicianship improves exponentially.  Ensembles are transformed by intensive rehearsal in sections and as a whole group. Everyone makes new friends. There are activities everyone takes part in – like camp choir – and others that you can participate in or not as you wish – like organising your own individual or group item for the camp concert.  There’s a trivia night. Everyone gets the chance to try something new – whether musical, or one of the venue’s outdoor activities, or something as simple as clearing up the tables after dinner! – in a supportive, friendly environment. It s absolutely worth being part of so DON’T MISS OUT:  the deadline for forms and payment is next week (see details in the Music Camp post below).

MEP meetings may be a harder sell but this is a parent-run program and critical to its success is the support of all parents which includes input into the decisions that have to be made about how and what things should be done. The next MEP meeting is Tuesday April 27 at 7pm, in the meeting room (through the main doors and down the corridor) at school.

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