Music camp

It’s time to get organised for music camp which is just over four weeks away. Camp is a great experience socially and musically and we really hope all MEP students will take part.

Here’s what to do…

1. Click to read the camp information document. It tells you everything you need to know about camp; where it is, when it is, cost, what to bring, program of events, etc.

2. Check your emails for the link to update your details online. You will find it at the bottom of most emails from us or in the middle of the specific camp email.  It takes you to a page where you provide us with information about medical and dietary needs, nominate room mates and so on. Be sure to press “update” at the bottom of the form. We’re asking everyone to do this online because it saves time and money and reduces the chance of mistakes, but for those who’d rather use pen and paper, we have included a paper version with the payment forms described in the next step.

3. Click to print the forms, they need to be filled in, signed and returned to us no later than Wednesday 28 April. Please return them to the finance office with your payment.

Camp documents can also be accessed from the downloads page and there is a small number of packs available in the music staffroom for those having trouble with the electronic versions.

4. Check you’ve done everything! (ie) entered your info and submitted the online registration, filled in the Tops waiver and the permission and payment form and returned them to the finance office. Please contact Kelly admin’at’ or leave a comment here if you have any questions regarding registration.

Finally, if payment is a problem please get in touch, financial difficulty should not be a reason for any student to miss out on camp!

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