Using the MEP site

Though it will always be a work in progress, this website/blog is increasingly going to be the MEP’s main means of communication with students and families. Instead of sending a whole lot of information in an email, we’ll put the information here (we’ll let you know when something new gets posted).

All events are listed on the calendar; hover over the name of the event to see details of time, place etc. If there is a lot of infomation or a permission note we need you to sign, clicking on the event will take you to it (e.g; Easter show performance).

Use the links down the right hand side to explore opportunities to hear and/or play music, and to get to know some of the people involved in the MEP. (Send us any other links we should add).   We will be adding videos, recordings and photos very soon so if you don’t want your photos to appear we need to know – you may already find yourself in the rotating banner up the top of the page.

And please take the time to share your comments, suggestions, photos, video footage etc – it all goes here.

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