Assorted Business – working bee, AGM etc


The new rehearsal space is just about finished but we’ve run out of money now and need all hands on deck to finish the last bits and pieces so the MEP can finally move in. Because there’s some painting to do we’ve scheduled this event over 2 days – please come for much or as little as you can manage!

Saturday March 6, 1-5pm
Sunday March 7, noon-5pm

Enter through the gates to the school hall. If you can bring brushes, rollers etc to paint with that would be great; we’ll also be cleaning so bring gloves, bucket, sugar soap or similar, old cloths etc. Apart from that there’s stuff to move and to organise inside the space. This job is one for adults and students, the more the better. E


Main agenda items will be election of officers for 2010-2011 and discussion of the 2010 budget. There will also be time to ask questions, find out more about the MEP, meet other like-minded parents and so on.

Tuesday March 9, 7pm

We are currently revising the roles/responsibilities of MEP parent committee members to make sure none of the jobs is too onerous. Details of the revised positions will be posted on the MEP website asap.

As a parent-run program MEP depends on the support of the families involved – please make the effort to attend this meeting.

Families who subscribed to this SSO series should have their tickets to the first concert by now as they were given out to students last week. Put it in your calendar now:

Wednesday March 17, 6.30pm
Sydney Opera House concert hall

If you can’t make it please return your tickets to Ms Masterson at school asap so we can sell/give them to someone else – it’s awful when tickets are not used! Like last year, students and adults are seated separately but once we know which seats we’ve been allocated we can rearrange ourselves so families are together, or students next to their friends, etc.

Please pay your fees on time – they are due FRIDAY MARCH 5.

Aside from the excellent Performing Arts Unit ensembles, there are also excellent community ensembles close to home.  All musicians are encouraged to check out:

Lurline Youth Orchestras –
Waverley Bondi Beach Brass Band –

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