Rehearsal in week 3 and 4

Ensembles rehearsing in week 3 are:

* Choir – Tuesday 7:50am-8:50am in C BLOCK with Dan Walker – no audition necessary, all welcome to attend

* Senior Stage Band – Tuesday 2:30-4:30pm in the Hall with Eamon Dilworth (Luke is in Melbourne for the week).


All ensembles will be rehearsing.  Please check the rehearsals page for normal rehearsal times.


The current concert band and stage band lists are here.  If your name is not there and it should be, please let me know immediately.  Also, the auditions for the Senior Groups were very competitive and so please don’t get disheartened if you didn’t make it.  There will be more spots that open up in the second half of the year.  Generally, you need to be at an AMEB Grade 4 standard or above to be in the Senior Groups.


Most tutors will be commencing private lessons this week (week 3) and so if you haven’t booked a time, please do so over the weekend.  The tutor list can be accessed on the tutors page.
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